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Robots for warehouses & DC's

Quantum Robotics will carefully understand your warehouse/DC needs to determine optimal solutions for you with best ROI and lowest risk. We have extensive ranges of warehouse/DC robots, a few of which are listed below. Click below to see a short compilation video of some of them. 

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pallet transport and robot hooking system

Mobile Industrial Robots (MIR) is a world leading manufacturer of collaborative mobile robots. They are dedicated to developing user-friendly, flexible and safe robots to help companies increase the efficiency of their operations.
autonomous internal delivery robocarts

Autonomous Internal Delivery Robot Carts System

Meet The RoboCarts. For large hotels, factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings to do all manner of deliveries. Used for goods transportation, linen, stock picking, bell-boy, bulk meals delivery, virtual conveyor belts and much more.

Autonomous Internal Delivery Robots

Meet The Butlers. For large hotels, factories, warehouses, high-rise buildings to do all manner of deliveries, escorting and room service. Used for food, dirty linen, medicines, valuables delivery, chaperoning, security, stock taking, picking and much more.
autonomous internal delivery robots

You are likely to be able to cut your warehouse labour costs by 70% or more. Your warehouse can operate during the day and night with similar costs. By utilizing warehouse robotics in your operations you can do it

What Benefits Are Companies Seeing by Adopting Robotics in The Warehouse and Factory?

Companies that invest in robotic technology see many tangible and clear benefits to their business. Cutting expenses such as packaging costs and increasing efficiency are some obvious outcomes for most companies, but they also find that their businesses profits from robotic technology in less obvious ways.

Better Warehouse Performance = Higher Profit Margins

Lower Error Rates
Human errors can be costly for businesses. They potentially lose significant profit if work has to be done again to correct a mistake. Robots significantly reduce the warehouse cost by doing the work correctly the first time, every time.

Adaptable Workforce
The reality of retail is that there are busy and slow seasons. Robotics allow warehouses to meet increased capacity demands quickly. During holiday seasons, for example, it can be difficult to hire and train new employees quickly enough to keep up with the results of demand forecasting. Robotics make it easier to handle increases because of their ability to work around the clock without diminished performance.

Increased Warehouse Safety
Robotics also improve safety for workers. They take over the dangerous jobs that put your workers at risk. Now that robots can work side-by-side with humans, the robots can take the dangerous parts of the job and workers take over the rest, such as getting inventory from heights or carrying heavy loads.

In addition to warehouse safety, workers (and companies) benefit from an increase in morale as the mundane and dangerous jobs are taken off their plate. Many workers have a reduction in anxiety and stress when robots take over the routine and risky parts of their job. Instead, they concentrate on the more creative and collaborative portions.

Higher Customer Satisfaction
The increase in delivery speed and decrease in human errors will also increase customer satisfaction. Customer service is critical for maintaining and growing any business. The faster your company can execute operations perfectly, the more customers who will come back. You’ll turn your warehouse ops into a competitive edge.

In addition to better order fulfilment, robotics can afford your workers more time to concentrate on the customer experience. Instead of manual packing slips, robots automates packaging, communication, and follow-up can all improve your customer’s experience with your company.

Innovative Brand Image
Besides increased customer satisfaction, robotics can boost your brand image. You can present your company as faster and better than ever. By advertising your robotic technology, you signal to potential customers that you are a cutting-edge and innovative brand.

Robotic Automation Surging in Warehouses?

Robotics engineers have worked hard over the last few decades to mesh new technological developments, like artificial intelligence (AI) and the Internet of Things (IoT), with automated robotic technology. Innovative companies that have manufacturing and warehouses in their supply chains love the results that effective automation can bring.

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV’s) are on the way out, they require modifications to your warehouse or factory including the use of magnetic tape for the AGV’s to follow. AGV’s are being replaced by Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR’s)

Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) are like AGVs in that they use sensor technology to deliver inventory around the warehouse. However, unlike AGVs, autonomous mobile robots don’t require a set track or preset route between locations. AMRs understand their environment through the use of computers, onboard sensors and maps.

These nimble robots have the ability to identify the information on each package and sort it precisely. AMRs can move throughout the warehouse because they create their own routes based on the operation needed. They also reroute when necessary and avoid obstacles in their environment. These robots offer efficiency, accuracy and security during the sorting process.

AMR’s used to be small, carrying up to around 100KG’s, however today Quantum Robotics can supply AMR’s that can carry up to 1.5 Tonnes

These robots help to cut down on the redundant process of sorting so that workers can take on more creative and collaborative roles. Humans are sometimes more prone to error when they find the job too boring. Today’s robots, on the other hand, deliver consistent accuracy regardless of the tedious nature of the process. As a result, warehouses enjoy a higher level of inventory accuracy.

Not only do AMRs help with the picking and sorting process, but they can also be used to conduct daily inventory checks.

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Should You Bring Robots into Your Warehouses or Factory?

The increase in technology and competition in warehouses means that you need to seriously consider utilizing autonomous robots in your facility. With their ability to improve operations, increase material handling productivity, accuracy, and customer satisfaction, every warehouse can benefit from robotics.

Technology continues to improve and robotics can be specialized for different operations, so it would be smart to assess your needs.

  • Where are your current warehouse operations bottlenecks?
  • Do your workers spend a lot of their time retrieving goods in your large warehouse?
  • Do you spend too much time taking inventory count?
  • Do you frequently find yourself running out of goods because of inaccurate inventory?

These are questions to keep in mind as you try to decide what would work best for you and where to start. Strategically adding robots to your operation means that you can increase your profits, make your customers happy, and create a safe work environment.

The question is not whether your warehouse needs robotic technology, but where to start.

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