Autonomous Mobile Robot

The Butlers

Serious productivity for any industry

An Autonomous Mobile Robot for Hotels, Warehouses, Logistics, Manufacturers, Large Buildings, Stadiums and Transport hubs, that tirelessly handles secure deliveries, room service, chaperoning, housekeeping support and much more.

Increased Productivity for any business + Tangible Benefits to Staff and Customers

24 x 7

Works tirelessly handling deliveries, room service, chaperoning guests, in-room dining requests and housekeeping support.

Self-Managed Charging

Automatic docking to recharge for continuous usage time keeps you, your staff and guests supported around the clock.

Phone System Integration

Automatically phones guests and staff when ready with deliveries or needs your attention as well as new obstacles and coordinating delivery to multiple guests in a single trip.

Autonomous Navigation

Independently moves safely around your environment, constantly assessing to prevent collisions with people, furniture, equipment and other robots.

Lease the butler from just:

$ 0
per hour

Each robot is well supported both by QR and also by the manufacturers and unlike many of the robots you may have seen on social media, they’re actually available right now in Australia.

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